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The type of exams will be determined by the professor responsible of each course and varies from:

  • written examinations
  • oral examinations
  • essays
  • case studies
  • on-going assessments on the selected topics developed by the students.

Details of evaluation, togheter with the program of practical activities, are described on the page of each course module.

Exams sessions

The time window of each year during which the exams take place are indicated at the page of the academic calendar.

How to register for your exam?

  1. Log in to MyUnito with your username and password
  2. Select from the menu the “Exams” option and then click at “Available Exams Sessions” where you will see all the courses you can enroll
  3. When clicking on the blue book symbol, you can see the teacher's name, time and examination and place
  4. Confirm the registration of your exam by clicking on "Book the exam".

Important warning
Before register to an exam check that:

  1. you have successfully completed the enrollment and the payment of the tuition fees
  2. your study plan is confirmed and "APPROVED"
  3. you have filled the online survey for the module evaluation (Edumeter).

Remember to come to all the exams (oral and written) with a valid ID document.


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